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Personal Security When Traveling – It’s a Must!

One Christmas when I was in high school, I received what I believed at the time was an odd gift– a personal safety alarm. I thanked my parents, however wondered why they believed I required personal protection. When I was strolling home in the dark, as it turns out I never utilized the alarm but I sure FELT much safer.
To secure your person when traveling, there are a range individual safety alternatives. Real weapons obviously, which I do not suggest – research studies have proven you’re most likely to get hurt bring your own weapon. Pepper spray or mace, which you would spray in an enemy’s face, or a personal alarm which generally includes a pull string or a button to press and makes a unique and extremely loud sound.
Here are a few things to think about if you are going to acquire an individual safety item for your travels. If individual defense items like pepper spray and mace are unlawful where you’re checking out, check. Ensure that you have extra batteries for your personal alarm and check them occasionally. The last thing you need is to trigger the personal alarm and absolutely nothing takes place.
Another thing to think about if you’re going to bring mace or pepper spray as individual security product– they cause genuine discomfort. Safeguard yourself with an individual defense product but make sure it’s for a GOOD reason.

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