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Feel safer and ready for anything.

Do not be fooled by the name of Stun Master Li’l Guy. He has a beast waiting to be released. Simply press the Shock button and the Lil Boy pushes 12 million volts out of the metal probes.

The safety switch is off when it is in the down position, the center position is the super bright LED flashlight, and in the up position, the discharge is activated when the shutter button is pressed.

This stun gun is small and compact and can be easily hidden in the hand.

Super bright 120 lumen LED flashlight

Built-in retractable charger

Comes with FREE nylon sheath

Resistant tips that do not break

It has a rubber coating for a non-slip grip

Only measures 3 3/4 “x 1 1/2″ x 3/4 ”

4.4 milliamperes depending on the charge of the batteries


Available in 9 colors: black, pink, purple, red, blue, green, snake skin, animal print and floral

Whether you are a man or a woman, you will always find situations in which you regret not having tools like a compass, a ruler or a screwdriver. Life is full of surprises, but you do not have to be prepared for an event that gets in your way.

Multifunctional combination tool for daily needs.

Do you sit in the middle of the night or while walking down the street? The use of this card of tools combined with a can bottle opener will make it easier to drink or open a can whenever you want or want.

A 3/8 inch key on the blade is also included in the collection of useful tools included in this device card. A can bottle opener plus can also be some of the features you will enjoy. Say goodbye to bringing or losing your bottle opener, because now it is connected to a tool card that can take you anywhere.

This great merchandise is a great way to eԛuip yourself for all the circumstances and situations you know every day. There’s no reason not to be prepared now, so get this Multi-Functional Combination Tool Card to feel safer and ready for anything.

A stainless knife allows you to cut meat when cooking while camping. It is essential to have this type of gadget because you do not want to starve during your adventure.

You may need it at work if you need to look at files or codes that are too small and can weigh your eyes. The eyes are damaged by the magnifying glass, which is easier to put aside when not in use.

For people who are not good with instructions, this card is a lifesaver because of its compass. If you want to experience an adventure in nature, you will reach your destination even if your devices run out of battery due to the built-in compass.

The tool card consists of 10 devices that contain a stainless blade sharp enough to cut things from sturdy materials such as ropes and sticks.

Dimensions: 2 3/16 “x 3 7/16”.

Do you need to see something clearer? The combined multifunction tool card contains an 8x magnifying lens that helps you read smaller letters or characters better.


Along with the features discussed above, there are more gadgets you will find in this fantastic product. Tongs, inch ruler, centimeter ruler, toothpick and flat screwdriver are also included in a 1.5 oz pack.

You no longer have to carry your toolbox with you, because this little card has it all for you. This pocket article is useful for hiking, camping or fishing. However, it is still very useful on a normal day because it is practical and you can easily store it in your wallet or in your pocket.

Are you tired of taking heavy tools? Do you want to be prepared for any emergency you encounter every day? This multifunction combination tool card is an all-in-one device that can help you with almost anything.

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