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About Us

About Advanced Business Center

Welcome to Advanced Business Center, home of the finest protection products. You will experience high-quality service and amazing products with every purchase you make. That’s a guarantee.

We are one of the finest in the self-defense industry. Over the years, Advanced Business Center has been providing the public with safety-related items at the best price possible. We sell only the best products just because we care about the safety of our clients. All items that we sell are tested and trusted to deliver as at when needed, and we stand behind it. Such commitment is rare to come by but we stand by our word, which is to help people around the world stay safe and protected from all kinds of social vices.

At Advanced Business Center, we are committed to 100% customer satisfaction. Prior to purchasing any products, we try our best to educate our customers and help them choose the right product. Unlike other companies that place the almighty dollar as their number one priority, we make safety for customers and their families come top on our priority list.

Our mission is safety and security for you and your family. Advance Business Center offers a wide range of personal safety equipment and supplies such as Stun Guns, TASER, Pepper Spray, Personal Alarms, Home Protection, Automotive Safety, High Definition Surveillance Systems, and so much more. We take pride in delivering excellent customer experience. More so, we are committed to building long-lasting customer relationships. Our products come with our satisfaction guarantee.

Why choose us

The level of crime rate in our world today has increased. For this reason, we feel everyone has a right to protect themselves as well as their loved ones. Buying a product without proper verification to know whether it works or not leaves you, the customer at risk should the need to use it arises. At Advanced Business Center, we treat our customers with total honesty and integrity. Here are reasons why you should use our services

  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Free shipping on orders over $100
  • Safety and security guaranteed
  • Fast delivery of unique products
  • Vast years of experience in the self-defense industry
  • Friendly customer service
  • Tested and trusted products

Online Safety and Security

Shopping with Advanced Business Center is 100% safe and secured. We pride ourselves in investing in the most reliable website security, so rest assured that all data to and from the site are encrypted. You neither have to worry about hackers or the security of your information. We want you to feel comfortable and secure when doing business with us.

if we won’t take pride in the products we source, then we won’t sell it. We offer quality personal security devices at the best possible price. More importantly, we want you to be extremely happy when doing business with us. Give us a chance to earn your trust!
What Else Can Advance Business Center Offer?

Asides from our large collection of self-defense products and supplies, we have safety tips and articles in our blog section to educate our customers and help them make a decision on the right type of products to choose. Additionally, Advanced Business Center’s wide range of self-defense products gives you the safety and security you need at affordable prices. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.



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